What if feeling alive was as close as your pantry?

We want to live in a world where we have the time to eat and take the time to nourish ourselves; where the ideal diet is the one that works for YOUR body; and, where feeling empowered over your own health is the norm. We desire a place where vulnerability is celebrated; where showing up and being open to learning is enough; and, where girls are honored for having a voice rather than for their pants size. 

We’re so tired of fad diets; of deprivation, shame, and gimmicks. We are tired of worrying about what's in our food supply that can't be pronounced. Too often, we see a mind-body (and lifestyle-body) disconnect in our patients that leads to a relinquishing of power to healthcare professionals making important health decisions that aren’t theirs to make. Quite bluntly, we are tired of people feeling sick & tired.

We want you to have the ability to tune in to what your body is saying to you so that you can discern what your body needs. We want you to learn self-awareness of what foods to eat and when so that YOU can take control of your own health. We want you to understand why it is important to work with the energy of the seasons, and we want to give you the tools to feel empowered in your kitchen. We believe you can turn to your pantry rather than your medicine cabinet to heal your body and we are excited to share our love for experimenting with new tastes, flavors, foods and recipes.

So, we’ve created a project that focuses on deep and sustaining health practices that encourage sustainable and enjoyable living. We’ve created a community of supportive, open-hearted people like you and us who are in this together to learn from each other, share with each other, problem solve together, and celebrate with one another. We’ve created a program to help you "return to the basics" of nutrition and to get back into the natural rhythm of listening to what your body wants and needs to feel completely nourished.  It won't be easy but it will be worth it.


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